Happy Birthday, Dad!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's my dad's bday, and since he doesn't get to be w/his granddaughter: (, I thought I'd post some special pictures of Little to make him smile.

And the pictures are of...

her first official haircut! My friend and stylist cut Caro's hair and she did a great job. She was very kind to Little and very understanding of her particular needs. Enjoy!

Because she coudn't sit up in the styling chair, I held her the whole time, which was a very hard task I have to say - she was extremely wiggly. Look how much hair she had!

Right after the first snip.

To get the back even, I put her over my lap. There was SO much hair on the floor once Aly was done!

Haircut is taking shape...

"I'm not sure about this big black blowy thing"

"Actually maybe I like it" (she really did only stay still once the blowdryer turned on)


There's a new girl in the house!

Caro and Allyson


  1. She did a great job on her hair. Love all the pics!

  2. Caro's hair looks SO great! I can't believe how much she has! The style is darling, she is a lucky girl.

  3. Very cute pictures. Can't wait to see the real girl in real time. Just 12 days or something like that!

  4. You don't know me, I just found your blog...I just wanted to say hello, and your daughter is beautiful. One of my little girls has the same color hair, I love it. And congratulations on running your marathon! I am lucky if I can get on the treadmill for 15 minutes at a time....anyway, when I find a blog I enjoy, I like to say hi, instead of just "lurking"...



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