Once There Was A Snowman

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We've been singing this song for every FHE for the past few weeks
because each time we sing it, she smiles like this.


  1. I loved this. Okay, don't think I'm weird, but I cried a little because seeing her smile made me happy. I can't explain it but she is just awesome.

  2. I'm happy we can now see this whenever we want to. So sweet. Looking forward to the live version soon!

  3. So precious Erika. Thanks for posting. That snowman song is choice. Haircutting pics are pretty cute as well.

  4. SO CUTE!!! The kids are making me play it over and over. =)

  5. Erika,
    Seeing your daughter smile makes me smile! I can't believe you're 30. I remember when you and your family lived here in the Bay Area and you were just a small girl like your little one. How quickly time flies. I don't always write something, but I do check your blog to see how you and your lovely family are doing. Thanks too for your great book recommendations.
    Your mom's cousin - Gayla


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