Easter and Conference Sunday

Sunday, April 25, 2010

We really enjoyed Easter Sunday at our house this year. I did a little photo shoot with Caroline in her Easter dress, with her Easter candy and in her bunny ears. Unfortunately, she wasn't in the mood, thus the vtired look in most of the pictures. Oh well - she's still our cutie!

At least we got a little half smile here.

"Conference is how long?!?"

"Yikes. That is long - well on go the ears."

"I don't know what to think about this thing!"

"Maybe if I squish it together I can figure it out..."

Coming down off of Peep-induced sugar high.

"What else is in my Easter candy bag?"

"Don't take my candy, Grandpa!"

Here Caroline was trying to grab the camera's cord while I was taking her picture...

The sweetest little doll...

Besides taking pictures of Little, we also watched LDS general conference. We got a lot out of it, although, as you'll see below, we had a bit of fun too...

For example, we all tried on Caro's ears -

I also caught a couple people off guard when they were supposed to be paying attention (and of course I was paying attention even though I was taking the pictures)...




PS - I know I've mainly been doing Caroline pics and food posts lately (i.e. the last several months) - they're just the easiest ones to put together 'cause they please everyone! To avoid staying monotonous, I will be more well-rounded with my posts in the near future. So let it be written, so let it be done.

Happy Birthday to me!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hi Everyone!

I have a few pictures to share from my recent bday (I turned 30!)

My friend Julie planned a lunch for me at one of my favorite restaurants, Settebello, and invited several of my ward friends to join us. She went all out - including a crown and scepter for me (the queen: ), my favorite candy - Reese's PB cups - and 30th bday balloons, napkins, and cards all over the table, and she even asked Bryce a bunch of questions about me and gave my friends a little 'How well do you know Erika' quiz.

It was a lot of fun - 30 isn't so bad after all!

For my bday, Bryce took me to an unbelievably fabulous restaurant. He always makes me feel loved and special - not just with big things like this but small, everyday things too. I love that about him.

The restaurant itself's not that important, but I'd love to share a couple pics to give you a flavor of the evening. Fyi, the shots below are a little blurry cause 1)I took them with my phone and 2)I was trying to take the pictures quickly so people wouldn't notice the crazy person who taking pictures of her food : )!

Beautiful interior -

Lobster beignets, pillow-y (sp??) gnocchi, best steak I've ever had - here are some shots of the food -

Canapes - the little lobster beignet is on the far right.

Seared scallops w/homemade pasta and a shaved truffle on top.

Steak w/delicious spinach (I know, crazy!) and the gnocchi

And...the birthday cake from them that arrived at the end of the meal -


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