Easter and Conference Sunday

Sunday, April 25, 2010

We really enjoyed Easter Sunday at our house this year. I did a little photo shoot with Caroline in her Easter dress, with her Easter candy and in her bunny ears. Unfortunately, she wasn't in the mood, thus the vtired look in most of the pictures. Oh well - she's still our cutie!

At least we got a little half smile here.

"Conference is how long?!?"

"Yikes. That is long - well on go the ears."

"I don't know what to think about this thing!"

"Maybe if I squish it together I can figure it out..."

Coming down off of Peep-induced sugar high.

"What else is in my Easter candy bag?"

"Don't take my candy, Grandpa!"

Here Caroline was trying to grab the camera's cord while I was taking her picture...

The sweetest little doll...

Besides taking pictures of Little, we also watched LDS general conference. We got a lot out of it, although, as you'll see below, we had a bit of fun too...

For example, we all tried on Caro's ears -

I also caught a couple people off guard when they were supposed to be paying attention (and of course I was paying attention even though I was taking the pictures)...




PS - I know I've mainly been doing Caroline pics and food posts lately (i.e. the last several months) - they're just the easiest ones to put together 'cause they please everyone! To avoid staying monotonous, I will be more well-rounded with my posts in the near future. So let it be written, so let it be done.


  1. Love her dress. It's so cute.
    Also, the last pictures made me laugh.

  2. She looks like a little porcelain doll in that leather chair! Speaking of food posts, I keep meaning to send you this DIVINE gluten free cookie recipe I made a couple of weeks ago. You can find it here: Can't wait to see you soon!

  3. I know it took me FOREVER to check out this cute blog of yours...and lets just say i love it! So let's update more please since your last was on conference weekend:) j/k... but i'm glad i can finally stay updated:)

  4. Hello Caroline's family. I am surprised to find myself leaving a comment. I ran across your site in a random google search, and ended up reading through Caroline's journey. I guess, I just wanted to thank you for providing a supportive resource to other people who have special needs children in their family. I am 27, and I have been teaching children with multiple disabilities for 3 years now, I also have a special needs child who lives with me. I know how valuable peer support, for families and parents, can be. So many parents feel like they are alone in their journey with a special needs child-especially as they get older. This really motivated me to begin private consulting to help families set up supportive environments for learning, positive behavioral supports, and functional independence in the home. That being said, I love your blog :) You're little is such a cupcake. Continue your strength in advocating for your little and all the other kiddo's out there :)


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