New Firsts

Monday, June 7, 2010

Caro had three firsts tonight.

(1) She tasted "Ham, Pineapple & Rice" baby food;
(2) She swallowed TWO teaspoons of the food without spitting out any of it; and
(3) With her back to our bed, she stood up ON HER OWN for a second or two.

I think she really liked the food because she kept sticking her tongue out for more.

I know she enjoyed standing because she was smiling and giggling the whole time!

Sadly, the video below isn't from tonight, but it does show off her cute smile just to give you the flavor of her smiles and laughs tonight. (The video is from our recent Memorial Day trip to LA).


  1. So cool. She's doing so great.
    I also love the video with Caro and her grandpa. I loved how she kept smiling when he kissed her hand. So cute.

  2. Seeing that smile made my night! Yah for standing! That's so exciting! And maybe she'll be a "foodie" like her mom and dad! :)

  3. Hooray! You are back! Great job Caro! That is so exciting she stood by herself! And is that your dad in the video? So darling!

  4. Caro has become such a little mover and all the while with a beautiful smile! Her look of pure innocence and happiness is wonderful to see.


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