A Sleepy Halloween

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween was on a Sunday this year, and by the time we got home from church, Caroline (and Bryce...and I...) were tired. Still, these are sweet pictures of the little Halloween bug.

Utah Trip - Lagoon

Sunday, November 7, 2010

This summer, we went up to UT and stayed with Bryce's family for a few days. The day trip to Lagoon was one of the highlights.

Caroline and B strolling through Lagoon.

As you can see, we had to get this pale little girl in the shade quickly!

Caro got to have her own customized inter-tube seat, which she actually really enjoyed - she even took a decent nap in it.

Caroline's cousin Melody was especially taken with Caro. They will be good buddies.

It was special for us to see how accepting and loving Caroline's cousins were with her. We wish she could get up and play like they do, but we know she will someday. In the meantime, she gets to be the center of attention!

Back at the Loveland home, Caroline enjoyed a private drums concert by her Aunt Amanda. Caro loves percussion-type sounds - clapping, stomping, snapping, etc, so we were sure she'd love drums.

And she did...

Business Partners

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A few Saturdays ago, B had some work to do, and he decided to bring in some help.

It's about time she does some work around here.

B is happy that he's defying child labor laws.

Rock Climbing Date

A few months ago, Bryce took me on a rock climbing date. It was the first time I'd ever attempted to climb something like this. It looked pretty easy at first, so I was smiling (this was the only smiling picture)...

But I started to get a little nervous -

I stayed at the bottom for a little while trying to figure out where to go -

But I eventually went up -

And up -

And up -

I touched the top! It was really high, and I was vscared.

Bryce has gone rock climbing before, so he went up quickly!

He went on a harder section of the wall, so he was proud of himself and I was proud too!

Bryce has braces!

It's hard to see them in this picture, but Bryce decided to have braces put on a couple months ago. They were painful at first, but he's pretty much used to them now (except for when the ortho tightens them of course!). He's expected to have them on for about 2 years.

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