Caroline's 1st trip to the movies!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Over Thanksgiving weekend, we really wanted to see the latest Harry Potter, but we wanted to see it all together - the only way to do that was to bring Caroline along, suction canister, oxygen tank and all! We were nervous cause we've never done that before, but we thought we'd give it a try...

First, we went out to grab some sushi - you can just see Caroline's head in the back left corner: )

We then went to a Muvico in TO; it was a great movie theater. This was the theater to take her to for the first movie trip. Wide rows, big seats, cushy chairs.

The idea was to lay her down on an empty seat next to us and put the armrest up. That lasted for a few minutes, but because the seat was your typical tilty movie seat, it kept tilting back and forth as she rolled around on it and shifted her weight. Too dangerous! So we just took turns holding her.

She was ok, but she was super wiggly and needed to be suctioned a few times - distracting. But she had a lot of fun, especially during the loud, scary parts with Voldemort's deep voice talking (she loves deep notes and flashing lights) - when those parts happened, she got very still, her mouth was shaped like an O, and she looked very happy. (Sadly no pictures of that)

This is us leaving the show. She can't believe what just happened!

Very exciting night!

A cute movie-going family.


  1. I love it that you guys all went as a family. I'm glad all went well. What a great first movie to go to.

  2. What a fun family activity- I'm so happy for you guys and especially Caroline!

  3. Way to go Caro! What did you think of the movie?


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