Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

To the Grandpa's, Great-Grandpa's and Uncles out there, here are some pics of Caroline at her graduation from pre-pre-school!

Caroline was recognized for being a shining star because she does so well with what she learns from her homebound teachers.

Caro with her teacher for a graduation photo!

Her teacher comes to our house twice a week and works with her on various skills like tracking and grabbing objects, cause and effect, choices, and following along with stories that are read to her.

Caro also won a gift certificate from a raffle!

She was very excited about it!


  1. Hey Erica! Carolyn is getting sooo big! :) She is such a cutie. :) Melissa said she had a lot of fun when you guys visited them in Carmel. :) Hope you guys are doing well.

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  3. I think I spelt Caroline's name wrong. Whoops. lol Take Care!

  4. Love the pictures. Love the people in the pictures! Gma

  5. Yea! I've been waiting for another Caro post! Love the pictures of her and her quilt!


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