Life w/Baby Ivy

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ivy is 7 months old, and while I've felt time move increasingly fast before, with a healthy baby who has a new milestone a week, time jets at lightspeed.

It amazes us how joy-filled life is with a healthy baby.  Sure, there are times where I want to curl up in my bed and sleep for two days straight (or at least one day straight and read the other day), but I'd say 90% of the time I'm the happiest I can ever remember being. 

Caroline has given us the gift of getting to have our eyes wide open to the treasure that is Ivy's physical and mental health.  Without Caroline, I don't think we could truly appreciate what a gift that is to our family.  We're so lucky to have precious Caroline who helps us understand what really matters.

I mean, can you imagine having Caroline outside at 6+months old while Daddy washes the car? Amazing.

Can I help you?


  1. You really do marvel at just the smallest of accomplishments a baby has when you have another child who cannot reach those small milestones. We jumped for joy when Brooklyn could track us with her eyes & follow us all around the room... A small thing Tyler could never do! Thanks for posting this. Your girls are adorable!!

  2. Isn't it funny how what's developmentally expected all of the sudden becomes a miracle? Thanks for sharing, Sarah. I wish I could've gotten to know Tyler. Love you and your family!


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