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Saturday, June 8, 2013

This is a 'Made Manifest' post if there ever was one.

We're blessed to see the works of God made manifest in 
Caroline's education. 
Caroline practices using a switch to turn on her beloved stereo.

Shaking her head while trying to concentrate on the iPad

Her education is tedious, measured in micro-steps like this example of a 6 month physical therapy IEP goal: "Caroline will sit up partially assisted for a minimum of 3 minutes 50% of the time."
She found the switch
It's discouraging to watch your daughter's soul being limited by her body and mind.  We watch, work and wait for years to see what we see in a week of watching Ivy.  Yet, she does learn and grow, and with patience, we're blessed to be a part of it.

Going for it again!
We're also blessed to mingle with Caroline's CCSD Home Intervention teacher and therapists, people who understand that the worth of all souls is great.  

They're not her family and most are not of our faith, but they understand that Caroline has a potential and a personality to foster.

Caroline getting a rose at her preschool graduation last year.**
They spent so much time with her, researched techniques on their own time to help her, and cared about her well-being.  They even had expectations for her behavior.  When Caroline would look away from her desk and the lesson, her teacher would firmly but with a bit of a twinkle in his eye say "I'll wait."  C would go back to looking at the lesson.  He believed in her.

Caroline with her pre-K and K teacher - got to have him for two years!

  Work means being paid to meet job requirements; service means sacrificing to meet a person's needs.  This staff served Caroline.

C's OT keeping C from pushing the stereo off of her desk and onto little Ivy.
I hope seeing all of these pictures portrays a little glimpse into their good hearts and into C's personality.*

Postscript:  The end of the school year is a bit of a melancholy time as a parent.  You feel time pass, even a year pass, all in one day.  At the same time, it's sweet to look forward to Caro's future education.  She's going to attend a special school!  Stay tuned...

*We didn't get a picture of her speech therapist : ( . 
The switch is hidden behind the speaker.  The OT uses the toy in his R hand (which lights up) to attract C's attn back to the switch.
C put her arm on him when I said we were going to take a direct picture!  Awww.
Practicing sitting-up with her PT
What a look!

This PT really cared about Caro.
Doing so well in her Rifton chair!
Look at the happy girl!
"Thanks for telling me that I can do it."
"I'm still sitting!"
"I'm bored, Mom"

"Just kidding, sheesh"
Ivy's so happy for her sister!

That's Caro's personality - the camera just barely catches it.

**Caroline was sick and couldn't go to her Kindergarten graduation.  It surprised me how heartbroken I was.  We missed out for sure.  Caro will really miss her great teacher!


  1. Since we are only with Caroline, and her family, every few months, it is easy for us to see changes, improvements and growth in Caroline each time we are with her. She continues to impress us with her sweet tender personality and all the things she is learning to do. We love, love, love this darling girl!!

  2. That's so good to hear. We love that it's easy for you to see her improvement. She really loves you too!!

  3. Melissa SanofskyJune 11, 2013 at 8:38 PM

    Love this! These pictures are adorable. This post reminds me of the teachers that come in to work with Oliver. I love how they appreciate and notice the little things he does. They get so excited over the small improvements that most people wouldn't notice. So grateful for people like this in the world.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing that, Mel. Love that Ollie has good people around him too.


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