True love on a Sunday afternoon

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This is THE most thoughtful plate of macaroni and cheese I've ever eaten.
Last Sunday afternoon, Bryce decided to make us mac and cheese (Trader Joe's GF of course).  When he brought my serving over, he presented it on the "You are special today" plate. 

I smiled and said, "What's this for?" He told me that a few weeks ago he saw the plate hidden away in a cupboard.  When he pulled it out and looked at the back, it showed that we'd documented nothing 'special' since Bryce's 25th birthday!  

He said he thought of all days since then that he has wanted to celebrate me and decided right then to surprise me with a "special plate" dinner.  It didn't seem right to serve me using food I'd prepared, so he waited patiently for the right moment. The mac n cheese gave him the opportunity.

Once I'd finished he told me to look on the back of the plate.  On the rim, he'd written three of those special days with their descriptions:

- E gives birth to Caroline
- E gives birth to Ivy
- E closes on business sale

All I could do was smile and tear up - the gesture overwhelmed me.  

I wouldn't normally share this tender moment in case my writing doesn't do it justice or in case some people minimize it.  

But it simply must be said that true love exists, that good men exist, and that, if you're lucky, you might find yourself with both while eating a plate of mac n cheese.


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