Of Great Worth

Sunday, June 30, 2013

We were all this little once...

All so tiny...

 All indisputably precious...

Would you say that this little girl is worthless?  Of course not.  She's the exact opposite - she's priceless.  She's a miracle. 

Now think of yourself as a little child - would you say that baby is worthless?

Go Cubbies.

Do you feel like you're not worth what you were when you were little?  What changed? 

Does your worth sink once you lose that baby-perfect skin or when you put on unwanted pounds?  Does it lower when you first disappoint yourself or someone else?  It feels like that sometimes, doesn't it?

When do we forget how special we are?   It's easy to be misled, to believe that once imperfect, you're never that same precious person again.  It's not true.  We are God's children.  YOU are a child of God.  We, you and I, are of infinite worth. 

You are known.  You are loved.  Our Heavenly Parents care about you.  That's why Jesus Christ was sent, to help us return to Them after we die.  

As I've come unto Christ, I've felt peace and hope.  I see the potential I once had and still have.

Think of your baby picture the next time you're in a dark place.  If that child was grieving or lost or disappointed, would you speak to him or her the way you speak to yourself now? 

So, instead of beating yourself up or ignoring your feelings, in your mind hold that little one close, say the kind of comforting things you'd say to any dear child, be loving and remind her who she really is. 


  1. So beautifully put. I try to remember that when I brush up against people I don't much like, but I also need to apply it to myself.

  2. Thanks, J! I agree - it is hard for me to apply this lesson to myself, but as I've practiced doing that (still a long road to go), it comes more naturally to see others in the same way.


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