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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Aren't sick kids the worst?  The 'sick' part, not the 'kids' part : ).  Caroline's fever came back this week just about 48 hours after she stopped a round of antibiotics, so either her UTI returned OR she has a trach infection.  (Kids with trachs are very prone to infection because their airway is so exposed. Usually not too serious, thankfully.)  She's not totally down in the dumps, but along with her fever, she does have gunk coming out of her nose and her heart rate is high.

But wait, there's more... Ivy woke up with her first real cold yesterday.  Our June bug is a sicky - runny nose, stuffed up, etc.  No fun for her or for Mommy and Daddy - mainly because she's not sleeping very well.  (PS - Am I the only parent that develops a mild case of Tourette's when a baby gets up in the night unexpectedly? I'm working on this, I swear [wait, no more swearing...])

Plus, B is sick with a head cold too.  He's usually pretty resilient, but this cold has knocked him down.  I'm running a convalescent home over here... (full disclosure: I did get out to a friend's pool with Ivy  - she has a walking cold : )

A happy sicky!
When the routine gets knocked out of whack like this, it's hard for me to take care of myself - I don't eat right, I get casual or stop exercising, reading scriptures and praying becomes haphazard (maybe that explains the inadvertent language?), and I stay up late doing the things that I didn't have time to do during the right now.

I get so frustrated with myself that I don't keep up with these simple but essential routines.  I feel my best when I do them, but sometimes I think I ignore them when I'm stressed because I tell myself I just want to relax and have fun instead.  I want to eat handfuls of chocolate chips with peanut butter, read fun stuff, stay up late and definitely avoid the gym.

Well, that's being human.  The real question is will I keep trying to go back to those practices or will I get so angry with myself that I let that anger shame me into forming habits that harm me emotionally, physically, and spiritually?  

I say I will keep trying - keep buying fruit and eating some of it, keep telling myself to go to bed by 11:30 (that'll start tomorrow), keep setting aside time to pray and to study the scriptures.  It is worth it.

**This talk by Susan Bednar spells out how these simple things really are what give you the strength and peace you need day-to-day.  It inspires me to keep trying.  Here's a good excerpt:

"I was promised in the blessing that if I would exercise, get more sleep, eat
regular meals, have meaningful prayer morning and night, and engage in more purposeful
and consistent scripture study, I would receive the physical and spiritual tools to better
cope with my circumstances and the discouragement I was feeling. The reason I
remember this blessing so clearly is because afterwards I thought: “Doing this is going to
solve my problems?...”

I suppose you could say I was like Naaman in the Old Testament, who was sent to the
king of Israel to be healed of his leprosy but instead was told by a messenger sent by the
prophet Elisha to “wash in Jordan seven times” (2 Kings 5:10). Naaman was a bit angry
and refused to comply with the simple, prophetic injunction until his servants questioned
his motives. “And his servants came near, and spake unto him, and said, My father, if the
prophet had bid thee do some great thing, wouldest thou not have done it?” (2 Kings

I’m sure if I had been directed to do some great thing like go on a relaxing Hawaiian
cruise, or enroll in an evening art or music class, or pamper myself with a new hairdo and
a pedicure, I would have seen the wisdom in responding to that kind of inspiration. But
the small and simple steps that were required to receive the promised blessings seemed so
mundane to me.

Thankfully, humility took root. Over time I had to decide if I would continue on the path
of just going through the motions, or if I would accept and incorporate this guidance in a
more steadfast and heartfelt way, having faith that doing these things really could make a

I know by sad experience how easy it is to nudge off our plate of daily responsibilities
these small and simple things that can make such a great difference. I know as we apply
these powerful principles, the blessings come. “By small and simple things are great
things brought to pass” (Alma 37:6)."

"You can do it, Mom!"


  1. Ohhh. Good luck and so sorry. I hope the kiddies are up and about soon. It throws me off too when my kids are sick.

  2. Such a good point! I feel that my last 7 months have been "craziness." When I remember the basics (scripture reading, praying, showering, etc.) life goes so much better.

  3. Glad you can relate!

  4. Thanks, Jessica. Good to know things get crazy for you too!


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