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Monday, August 5, 2013

What a couple weeks it has been!  That sicky house I talked about earlier continued through just about yesterday, which has left us all sleep deprived and on edge.  With those issues, plus working on a big purchase that I'll share more about soon(!), my energy has been depleted.  Good news is everyone's feeling better today, so normalcy is within reach.

Speaking of energy depletion, the latest reality show Bryce and I watch is "Get Out Alive w/Bear Grylls"- it's like the The Voice meets Survivor - Bear Grylls coaches wilderness newbies in the New Zealand wilds and then sends the people who can't cut it home.

On a recent episode, the group hiked a full day across a mountain range (by the way, this is a week into the show, so they'd been "enjoying nature" for awhile), made camp in a cold forest clearing, had a dinner of maggots/worms, and had to sleep in poor shelters with a weak fire going.  With that, one women started to break down.  She told her partner she just couldn't do it.  She wasn't making a big thing of it, but the rest of the group saw she was losing it and started backbiting her.

I said to Bryce "Why are they giving her such a hard time?  How she's reacting is understandable."

Bryce: "But in that kind of survival situation, you can't let yourself go negative, you can't panic otherwise you get nowhere, you could bring the whole group down and lose your ability to survive."

Good point. 

Flash to a couple nights later, me at Caro's bedside at 2:00am.  She had already been up for awhile around midnight, and, just as I was falling asleep, the dreaded sound of a trach needing suctioning came through the monitor.  When Caro's sick, she needs suctioning a lot (the same stuff that come out of your nose when you're sick is what needs to be suctioned out of her trach) and sometimes goes through suctioning jags.  That's what happened this night -- suction after suction after suction.  By 2:30pm, the anxiety started to come on...

Caro's never going to stop needing suctioning.

I'm never going to be able to sleep.

Once her breathing's normal, she'll still be wide awake from all the suctioning.

Bryce is sick - he can't take a shift.

Ivy's going to be up to eat at 6.

And on and on...

Then I remembered my conversation with Bryce and told myself: "Don't panic.  It's not the time! Stay Strong!  DON'T PANIC!!!" 

It's funny now, but that's exactly what I had to tell myself.  After I did, I said a little prayer for some help from Above.  And, guess all worked!  I calmed down and when the suctioning ended at 3am, my sanity was in place.

Most of the time it's good to express how you're feeling and work through it, but there are times to just say "Don't Panic! I can do this.," say a little prayer and plow through.  Or as Marjorie Pay Hinckley said, "Be cheerful; don't be a whiner."

I wasn't cheerful at 3am, but I was stronger than I was at 2am and definitely got out alive.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder: be cheerful and don't whine! And by the way, those tough nights that you think will break you are some of the sacrifices that bind you even tighter to your children.


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