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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ya'll know how I excited I get about the worth of souls (yes, I just used 'ya'll' in a sentence - sometimes that just works, right?).  Everyone is a child of God and is precious in His sight.  

That 'everyone' includes those that have gone before us. 

Who helped you become who you are today? What made them tick? What if you could learn more about your family and keep track of them, their pictures, stories, and histories online in a social way?

What if you could even give them the same chance you've had to learn about God and His plan for us?  With, you can do all of these things. These ancestors matter because they're children of God and they're a part of your family.  They're a part of you!

So, here's the invitation --
What: Instagram Great Gram Day

Why: To raise awareness that the worth of all souls is great, and because of Jesus Christ, our families can be together forever. 

When:  September 15, 2013 

(kicking off this year's Family Proclamation Celebration - more on the Celebration to come!)

What do I do on September 15?:  Post your ancestor's picture onto Facebook as your profile picture for the whole day (at least...this is a revolution after all : ), and/or a few times throughout the day onto your Instagram and Twitter feeds.

In your status, caption, or tweet, include with the picture:

- The person's name

- How you're related

- A brief blurb on their life if you know it

- This link:

- And a fun little hash tag like #IGGday, #grateful or #Ancestor

For example, I might share this pic -

and write the following in my status on Facebook or as the caption on Instagram:

Zina Estella Wold (standing); my GreatGma; Lived a short and meaningful life, gave it giving birth to my Grandmother. #IGGday #grateful

IGG Day is meant to make an IMPACT and that means your help is key.  Spread the word by sharing the image below and a link to these instructions on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or blog.  You can also put the button on your blog.

We can help people know that families are forever!
Instagram Great Gram Day

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  1. Love this fantastic idea! I will spread the word.


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