Soaring to School Episode 1

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hope you haven't forgotten about #IGGday THIS Sunday.  Lots of people are in on it so get your pictures loaded and be a part of the day!

When Caroline first joined our family, I never imagined I'd get to say the following - 
Caroline started 1st grade at a real school!

 For pre-K and Kindergarten, a teacher and therapists taught Caroline at our home.  We've hoped she could attend school, and after lots of thought, prayer, and discussion, we found a safe way for her to further her education and have new experiences.  There's a special school in our district for kids who are medically fragile and more severely delayed called John F. Miller School.  It hasn't been a good fit in the past, but this year, she's ready.

Here's a play by play on Caro attending her first day of school (pretty miraculous for a kid who wasn't supposed to make it past her first year, wouldn't you say?):

Caroline's not used to early mornings... (her wonderful nurse who now cares for her at night is behind Ivy)
Because her school is several minutes away, she gets to ride the bus.  Unfortunately, on the morning of Day 1, transportation called and said due to a mix-up, a nurse wasn't on the bus (required for district to provide a nurse on bus for her), so they wouldn't be able to pick her up - meh.  

Oh well, I planned to follow the bus anyway, so we piled in the car... as you can see above, Ivy is excited for her sister, and Caroline is ready to go back to sleep: ).

Here's the school front.  Gloomy day doesn't do this campus justice -- beautiful and state-of-the-art.  I'm excited we get to see this special place.

Caroline with her teacher, who was kind enough to help us in.  Below them is a sign that reads, "All Children Can Learn"

Once she got to school, she went for an assessment at the nurses' office to make sure she's all ready to go.  When we got there, a slight line had formed, so we waited...

Here we see Ivy doing one of her patented curious looks - "What's Sister doing?"

Sweet girl.

Another sweet girl.

Still waiting. Caroline's staring to wake up and get interested in her surroundings.  Ivy's starting to get hungry.
C trotting away with one of the nurses - such a little girl going off into the big world.  (PS - the 'nurses' office' is really more like a modern hospital wing - very reassuring for nervous parents, not that we would know A THING about that...)

Getting in line for a g-tube feeding - Caroline's version of drive thru.

Keep watching for Episode 2 where we see the classroom. 

(PS - Missed you, dear readers!  Last month was a doozy - can't wait to tell you all about it.)


  1. So cool! I love the nurses office.

  2. I am so inspired by the hard work you and Caroline have done to bring her to this point. It is a joy to share in her progress.

  3. That is amazing! So happy and excited for her! And of course, she looks darling for her first day of school ;)

  4. Thanks - so glad it helps you get an idea of this fun time for us!

  5. Thanks, Em! (And of course she's gotta rock the fun clothes)


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