"He'd be the champion"

Monday, February 10, 2014

Tonight during Men's Moguls, NBC highlighted Alex Bilodeau - Vancouver's gold medalist in the event - and his brother, Frederic who has Cerebral Palsy.  If you didn't' see this feature, WATCH - it will lift your heart and help you understand families like mine:

I just loved this.  Some favorite things:

- These brothers have equal value.  Alex is a two-time gold medalist, advancing his sport, bringing his country glory, etc, and yet Frederic, who can't do any of that, contributes and inspires as much if not more than his brother.

- They share, love and serve each other.

- Frederic said to their mom once: "Would I be at the Olympics if I wasn't handicapped?" (2:30) and Alex says with strong emotion that if Frederic wasn't handicapped, he'd be a three time Olympic champion. 

A person's spirit is not what her body looks like or what it allows her to do.  Disability is a hard limitation, but souls are unlimited.  Someday I'm confident we will see that those who've endured life with weak bodies are actually some of the most amazing spirits - we will be in awe.

Caroline's handicap is different from Frederic's so it's not an exact comparison*, but we can say like their family - we are SO lucky.  Caroline lifts us; her happy and smiling face makes our life.  She teaches me every day (again and again because I keep forgetting the lesson) that people are all different and to love them (and myself) even when we are not as we wish we were. 

Ivy may or may not be an Olympic skier one day (who knows?) but I pray that she will have the relationship Alex and Frederic do.  

Looks like she's off to a good start with Caroline already...

*Honestly, I wish she could express herself as much as he can.  Someday, I'll learn why she has to be in the body she's in...

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  1. I loved that NBC chose to do this feature on the supportive and loving relationship between these two bothers. I have known, for a long time, that Caroline would be a wonderful big sister and was so happy when Ivy was born so Caroline would have the opportunity to be a big sister. The girls interaction with and love for one another began the day Ivy came home from the Hospital when Caroline smiled upon seeing her sister for the first time. Their relationship and love for one another has grown and has been fun to watch ever since. This picture of the two of them is great!


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