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Monday, February 3, 2014

"Can I help you?"
Haven't I used the title for this post before?  Probably.  It's just one of those things I say to myself a lot.  Caroline is a mystery.  We have no idea how long she'll be with us (we feel like for awhile), what her health will be like, how big she's going to get -- you get the idea.

When she was first born, we asked questions, researched and prayed to get a clear picture for what life would bring us.  As she's gotten older, we just sort of let each day happen and glide along - we take the advice that others with medically-fragile/special needs kids have given us - "One day at a time."

But, there are moments where we get a little thrown and wonder how we'll ever be able to manage Caroline's needs when she's older...

Bryce's boss hosted a wonderful super bowl party yesterday, and mid-game, we could tell that Caroline had a diaper issue (fill in the details on your own).

What do we do?  Caro's in her wheelchair and we can't exactly change her in the middle of the floor - we don't want to smell up a bedroom or make a big thing of it but she obviously needs to be changed.  We ended up taking her out to our van, and because it's handicapped-modified, there's a big space in the middle, so we just changed her there.  No big deal and surprisingly not really that stressful.

In the midst of changing her however, I realized that the space is great for her now, but what happens when we need to change her on the fly and she's a couple feet taller and 50 lbs bigger?  

"What will we do when she's 17?" and Bryce said, "Well we just won't bring her to parties I guess." We both had the air taken out of our sails for a bit.  Hard...

I don't know what we'll actually do 10 years from now.  I can say that the thought of having a special needs 7 year old overwhelmed us when she was a baby, but now it's fine and no big deal. She's our darling big girl and enriches us in unmatchable ways.  So hopefully 10 years of taking it one day at a time and looking to God for strength will add up to having 17 year old Caroline that's no big deal. 

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  1. This was a beautiful post. I also loved your anniversary post. You are such a beautiful couple and family and you inspire me so much.

    p.s. Downton is for the cool people. ;)



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