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Monday, March 10, 2014

I love to be organized, but you know what I love more than that?  GETTING organized : ).
Filing, tossing, sorting and streamlining - it's just my bag.

A few years back when I was a new business owner, I got overwhelmed with all of the tasks on the docket.  Handling office set-up, hiring, relationship building, etc is stressful!  To help me cope, I got into David Allen’s Getting Things Done and loved it.  It helped me take that love for organization and turn it into something that could help my business and keep me afloat professionally and personally.

When I backed off from ownership of that business to consult from home and be a professional mother of two, it was a little difficult to translate those skills.  Days would  fly by in a blur of smiles, diapers and "Don't touch that"s. Some days I knew I'd done SO much but my actual to-do list didn't get touched.  I started to realize that it was going to take more than a to-do list to manage my tasks.  Especially because babies and toddlers don't always allow you to keep your personal and professional priorities at the front of your mind.  Now that's as it should be of course - babies are only babies once - but not wanting to forget or lose track of other priorities and not wanting to let the stress of undone tasks seep into moments with my girls, I revisited getting truly organized.
Men: If you ever wanna know what a woman's mind feels like, imagine a browser with 2,857 tabs open. All.the.time. | someecards | #funny
I started looking for other parents who'd found organization solutions while in the unique environment of being in the thick of raising a family.  After some searching, I found a mom who had taken the genius that is Getting Things Done and created a step-by-step guide for parents! It's called Mind Organization for Moms.

The ladies at Power of Moms (a site that incidentally several great resources including some life-saving articles on parenting stubborn 11-month olds who won't nap - not that I would know a THING about that ;/) have laid out every step of your organization system that really works for busy moms (and dads).  This simple but effective plan allows you to manage all projects on your plate - no really, ALL of them: kids birthday parties, work marketing plans, finishing baby books, or creating lesson plans for church.

It also helps you get your routines down pat.  Don't you finally want to be able to plan your meals and grocery shop regularly, have a budget that you run and doesn't run you, or and/or do laundry on your terms ?  M.O.M will help.

It even helps you get a handle on those nebulous tasks/goals that hang out in the back of your mind ("What school should my child attend next year?  Am I where I want to be with my career? When can I finally write that book? How can I improve my marriage?")

Setting this great system up does take a few days (it took me much longer because I've had an especially illness-prone Caroline this winter) and it also takes some concentration on the steps, but once you're done - you have a way to track all that's going on in your mind.  Because I have all my tasks/goals/routines on paper, I don't get so stressed when the day doesn't go as planned.  I can be IN THE MOMENT with my girls and my husband because I know that all deadlines are calendared and I'm choosing to put my true first priorities first. 

The M.O.M. Program is now available for $75 and includes the following:
An Instant Download of the Mind Organization for Moms eBook–available in a short form (printable version) and a long form (full of photos, case studies, and all the details you’ll need to get your organizational system set up).
  • An Expandable, Online Version of the eBook, which combines the short and long versions with a slick open/close feature for each section–allowing you to tailor your online reading experience with plenty of additional examples and visual aids.
  • A Professionally-Recorded Video Tutorial that will walk you through the whole program and show you how it works.
  • Access to a Full Library of Ever-increasing Exclusive Resources like a video tour of April's paper planner, a photo tutorial to help you set up your project cubbies, video instructions for implementing this program digitally, processing videos to help you empty your inbox, quick podcasts to walk you through your Weekly Review, and a special Excel spreadsheet that you can customize to get your cleaning routines in place.
  • A Regular Coaching Email from our M.O.M. Team that will provide you with additional videos, audio downloads, photos, and examples from other moms who have successfully implemented this program.
  • An Additional Coaching Series Called M.O.M. in Two Weeks which will provide step-by-step instructions, delivered through a series of emails linking to powerful podcasts, videos, and PDF downloads that will help you implement this life-changing program in just two weeks! 

This program is fabulous.  It's a fun way to get organized (which I love) and stay organized (also good).   I've gained more control over all of life's details so I can focus on the big picture.  

And guess what?  It's your lucky day.  We're giving one full membership to Mind Organization for Moms away for the first Love from Las Vegas giveaway!  If you win, you'll get all of the information on this amazing program - worth $75 - FREE.

It's a breeze to enter and you can rack up a ton of entries to get more chances to win. Here's what you do**:

1) Leave a comment saying why you want to get more organized (1 entry)

and/or if you're already an Instagram follower...

3) Share the post of the image I'm posting today on Instagram and tag @lovefromlv
(4 entries!)

6) Register on Power of Moms
Their site gives you tons of free articles and ebooks.
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7) Follow @PowerofMoms on Twitter (2 entries) 

8) Follow Love from LV on BLOGLOVIN (2 entries)

** Each time you enter, make sure to comment here letting me know you entered. For example, once you like "Love" on Facebook, leave a comment here telling me you did.  You can leave one comment listing all of your entries.  Make sure your comment has your email address so I can contact you if you win (or email it to me privately at

Winner will be drawn March 24, 2014.

Hooray! Can’t wait to get this to one of you. Tell your friends and finally get organized.


  1. Expecting baby #3 and could really use some organization help before the chaos begins. :)

  2. I could really use this organizational tool, I have 5 children, 1 with a learning disability and a 3 year old with sensory processing disorder and autistic tendencies. I feel like I'm trying to stay a float these days! I know I could really benefit from this program. Thanks!!!!

  3. Hi, it's me again, Jennifer King! Just letting you know I have completed all of the entries for the organization giveaway. I left a comment on this blog entry, follow @lovefromlv and @ powerofmoms on Instagram, I shared the Instagram picture and tagged you:), like both Love from Las Vegas and Power of moms on Facebook, I am already registered on power of moms and follow them on twitter as well and now follow the Love from LV blog:). Thanks so much! My email is

  4. Awesome! I love Power of Moms. I want to be more organized because I'm going to work part time next year, when our youngest starts 1st grade, after being a SAHM for more than 16 years! I don't have a FB or Instagram account, but I'm registered on Power of Moms and I follow them on Twitter.

    1. So sorry! Something when all wacky there and posted twice before I was done. See? I really need organization! ;). hbunselmeyer(at)gmail(dot)com

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