And the winner is...Caroline

Monday, May 19, 2014

Last weekend, the four of us got to hang out at our stake's track meet.  We had a great time all together (in the ward's color red because you know we show our spirit) - first joining in at the beginning of the 5k and then cheering on the finishers from the sidelines:
Not our girls' most favorite staging for a picture

And then THE MAIN EVENT for us happened.  Each age group got to do a 100 yard dash.  When the announcer called out the 7 & 8 year olds, I was just coming back from getting Ivy fresh water at concessions.  I heard the announcement and thought it's too bad Caroline can't participate.  But as I got closer to the track, who do I see but B wheeling Caroline onto the track?!?  He was going to run her in the race!

The rest is commonly known as history --

Lining up to start - the other kids were curious and weren't too worried about Caroline until they saw the gleam of ambition in her dad's eye - and her wheels.

And they're off!  I asked B afterwards if he had any thoughts about letting the other kids win.

He did not.

He wanted Caroline to win.

Running w/Caroline against 7 year olds was harder than he thought it would be.  It was a bit touch and go at the end...

But, she crossed the finish line first!!

The victor

Proud mom with her gold medal girl
We will always remember that race, and I will always remember and love the moment when Caroline's daddy only saw and acted on her possibilities.  I'm so proud of my girl and her exceptional dad.

Lest you think Ivy was equally engaged in such a tender moment...she was not...she had a whole track with bleachers to explore of course.  I played entourage most of the time, but B got his turn too --

She was tired of us not letting her go under the bleachers, in the street, or on top of the concession tables.  Such a cute wiggle worm! 

Bryce got in one last sprint before we packed up for home.  He didn't quite win but he's still got that running form and he didn't even train --

It was a lot of work for us to get both girls to the track and keep them safe and comfortable while there.  But we made such amazing memories - so glad we got out of our usual routine!

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