Easter in Vegas

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy May everyone!  Lately, I've had writer's block with my words and Ivy block (she's a great sleeper at night but her naps are hit or miss) with my time, so I haven't gotten to write as much as I'd like to.  

Well, Ivy's taking a long nap this afternoon, I'm home waiting for a furniture delivery (new sectional!), so it's carpe diem time.  I've been wanting to share the fun we had for Easter this year.  Enjoy!

Ivy waiting patiently for the relatives to arrive - she likes to watch comings and goings at this little nook.

Cousin Ollie made it!!!  He and his parents traveled a long way to be here and he's still all smiles.  Adorable. (And look at the strong resemblance btwn him and Caro!)
Gma and Gpa S came to visit and they brought presents - #yes
While Bryce was at work and Caroline was at school Friday, we all hit the Strip.  I think you'll agree Ivy's first visit to Bellagio's flowers was successful --

(photo by my brother Jack)

"I rather like my hair in a high pony"
We of course ate very well this weekend, and while arriving at Archi's Thai for a delicious-as-usual lunch, GrGma couldn't resist a few cuddles with her littlest bug.  

I love this pair! 

That night, Jack, Mel, Ollie, Bryce and I made the trek to the Strip again because what better way to celebrate Easter than to hang out with masses of inebriated tourists?  

We actually had so much fun - got to see the High Roller for the first time, grab some Serendipity frozen hot chocolate and watch the Bellagio fountains.

Also that night, the grand kids got dressed up in their bunny jammies and ears from Grandma.  Warning - this following is "Too Cute":

(photo by my brother Jack)
After church Easter Sunday, we did a tiny Easter egg and basket hunt - lots of laughs and smiles all around -
Closed eyes but still it shows she's very curious about her basket

Finding eggs

Smiley Caroline loves this little person from the Easter bunny - a fellow redhead!

#becauseofHim Bryce and I get to be with these two beauties forever and one day Caroline will have a healthy body and mind and get to express as much of her personality as Ivy does :).


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  2. So sweet! I love all the pictures! We had so much fun!!
    Love, Mel

  3. I just found your blog. The pictures are wonderful, some I hadn't seen! Can't choose a favorite but the little one by the big tall door and window, speaks loudly to my heart. However each one does that. So glad Teresa reminded me to check out your blog. Great ones of Caroline and I really love the one of Ivy June and me! Hard to get one of me that I like these days.

  4. Very special picture of Ollie and Caroline. Love it!


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