To begin at the beginning...

this blog began as a family newsletter.  When Caro was born, family and friends wanted updates on her health and progress, so the blog shared a few fruits of life w/her.

It worked well for awhile.  Then, as will happen, life busied up and Facebook, text, and email updated people more quickly, so our tender sapling blog just about wilted and died.  Just about.

The last several months, reviving the blog has been on my mind.  This time, instead of fruits alone, this blog will share a bigger view of our family tree, a tree that grows in the soil of the gospel of Jesus Christ

We're a normal family trying to be a little better each day by trying to be like Him.  Often our home is a heaven on earth to us.  It's happy.  It's not perfect because we're not perfect.  But the happiness we have is real and beautiful and sharable. 


Many of you have that too.

That's why this blog is less family newsletter and more gospel application anthology  - writings of how we (you and I) live, what we think, what we feel.

What brings us lasting joy.


With that in mind, I hope you'll comment with your thoughts and feelings.  I hope you'll reach out to tell how you're learning and living the gospel and, via email at erika(at)lovefromlv(dot)com, share stories and ideas that I can post on the way life is spiritually understandable and functional for you.

        - Which may include delicious recipes, good books, current event reactions and other posts seemingly less grand in scope - those things are a part of our tree too! 


Having Caroline makes us an unusual family, but everyone has their Caroline.  Every person and family has unique beauty to share.

Since we're all little saplings, let's help and strengthen each other by sharing faith in Christ, love for family, hopes for the future and the tender mercies of today. 

Photo courtesy of Paulette Blomquist Photography

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